Schedule a 1:1 with NINDS Program staff

This year, the NINDS Nonprofit Forum will offer the opportunity to meet with a staff member for a one-on-one conversation.  NINDS program directors will be available for 10-minute time slots during the scheduled break on July 7th at 1:30 p.m. (ET).  If you are interested, a link will soon be available to select a time to meet. 

This year’s program staff specialize in the following programs, activities, disorders, and resources:


"Meet the Program Directors" Breakout Sessions

Always a favorite session at the NINDS Nonprofit Forum, “Meet the Program Directors” will be held the first day of the meeting, July 7th at 2 p.m. (ET). Participants who choose to join this session will be randomly assigned to a small group discussion led by NINDS program directors and a member of the NINDS Nonprofit Forum Executive Planning Committee, serving as the facilitator.

Facilitators will lead the group through several, cross-cutting topics and make sure there is time for the directors to answer any additional questions. Please indicate your interest in this session when registering so that we can make sure you are assigned to a breakout group.

Topics will be provided to facilitators and participants to help guide the discussion in each breakout room, including the following:

        • How do your organizations’ patients and patient communities view basic research? What are their opinions and understandings?
        • Do you view increasing engagement between patients and basic researchers as a valuable effort? Why or why not?
        • What aspects of the NINDS funding process for basic research remain unclear? How can NINDS improve your understanding of NINDS or NIH funding, in general?
        • How can organizations help to motivate the next generation of researchers? Are there opportunities to support NINDS programs in this area?
        • How are organizations tackling challenges related to data collection, sharing, and storage? Are there any recent developments at the NIH on this topic?
        • What are some strategies organizations have used to maximize the impact of their budgets?
        • What are the clinical goals or priorities within your organization? Have you been able to work with NINDS on these efforts? If not, what would you see as an opportunity for collaboration?
        • How can organizations use the NIH RePORTER tool to find NIH’s official spending statistics on research, conditions, and disease categories?
        • How can organizations use the NIH Matchmaker tool to find NIH-supported research similar to mine?